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  • Monique Edwards

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 8 years of experience in the mental health field. I use Motivational Interviewing techniques which aids clients with identifying need areas as well as teaching skills to change maladaptive behaviors.

    My role as a therapist includes helping individuals with navigating those difficult portions of life. I have a wide range of experience working with individuals diagnosed with depression, anxiety, ADHD, parenting issues as well as those that struggle with the trauma associated with emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

    Therapy does not have to be awkward and uncomfortable, we can tweak your needs. I will meet you wherever you are in your life and help to achieve whatever goals you've set for yourself. The atmosphere will be warm and friendly and I will greet you with a smile.

  • Ashley Adamec

    Sometimes it can be hard to get through the day, and even harder to get through the night. Sometimes we can feel lost, empty, unmotivated, angry or anxious. Maybe all at once, or maybe we feel nothing at all. Feeling trapped, confused, and stuck in our emotions, thoughts, or circumstances can be painful; it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes trying to cope on our own can seem overwhelming. You are not alone. My name is Ashley Adamec and I am a licensed social worker. I have bachelor degrees in Psychology and Philosophy, and a Masters degree in Social Work. I offer caring, empathetic, non-judgmental, effective therapy backed by 10 years of mental health experience. Everyone deserves to live a life full of enrichment, and personal fulfillment.

    Therapy can help bring out your inner happiness, help manage symptoms which seem unmanageable, and help us become the best version of ourselves.Whatever you are struggling with (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, grief, anger, gender identity, suicidal ideation, self harm, body image, relationship conflict, parenting concerns, PTSD, trauma, domestic concerns, post partum) let me join you on your journey. I will meet you where you are and offer my warm, nurturing expertise. I have a calm and healing aurora and we will go at a pace that is comfortable for you. Everyone is different, and it is our differences that make us beautiful. Since everyone is different, I use an eclectic style of therapy to capture the most effective therapeutic treatment. I’m versed in person centered, strength focused, CBT/DBT, motivational interviewing, and humanistic theory. We’ll work through your past trauma, current stressors, negative thoughts, or whatever is causing you distress. Things can get better. You can get better. You are worth it.

  • Brittaney Nwagboli

    Life transitions can be tough, but you do not have to go through it alone. I have been working in the mental health field for the past few years. I specialize in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), but I implement other modalities within practice, such as DBT and mindfulness.

    My role as a therapist is to help individuals implement change to work through life challenges. I work with clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD/ADD, and life transitions.

    I work to create a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment. Together we can create a treatment plan that meets your needs wherever you are in life.

  • Robin Adefuin
    Licensed Professional Counselor

    Hello, my name is Robin, and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I have been working in the mental health field for over 20 years. The reason I began working in this field remains the same reason why I continue 20 years later; I want to help support people through life. We all have difficult times when we may feel lost, alone, anxious, and/or filled with emotion. I will provide you with a safe place, without judgement, to work through your difficult time.

    I utilize CBT to look at how our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are interlinked. By looking at all of these facets, my goal is to find the best tools to help create change and start on the road to healing. During my sessions I encourage feedback, questions, and your assessment of the process.

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions that you may have.

  • Celina Gomes

    Life is hard, plain and simple! Life is even more difficult when you face those challenges alone.My goal is to provide a safe environment for you to explore past concerns, current challenges, and future directions. Together, we will work on helping you realize that you have the resiliency and ability to overcome negative thoughts, problematic behavioral patterns, and emotional blocks.If you're anything like me, you would rather focus on others than yourself, and you forget to fill your own cup (which we all know, you cannot pour from an empty one). I aim to provide a welcome and safe space where you feel heard, validated, and if nothing else, feel like you have someone in your corner.I know opening up to someone new is hard but going through life without addressing your struggles is even harder. I invite you to begin to share your story with me. The more you talk about the issues that have ahold of you, the faster you can lessen the power they hold over you. I would love to meet you and start this journey of healing together!

  • Larry J Smith

    Life is a journey. However, there are times along that journey when we get stuck as we are making progress. We want to keep moving but the distance back looks too scary, and the journey ahead looks too far. That is where finding help comes in.

    If you’re looking to engage in effective therapy, while enjoying a relaxed, empathetic, and non-judgmental environment, I can help you. I offer 20 plus years of mental health experience, a background in child protection and foster care, and training in various evidence-based treatment modalities such as CBT and Motivational Interviewing. If you are struggling to manage symptoms related to stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, focus, ADHD, anger issues, substance use, grief, parenting issues, DCF, reunification/foster care, relationship issues, or self-confidence, let’s work together to come up with some solutions.

    I understand no two people or circumstances are the same and you’ll be met with treatment tailor made to fit your individual needs. I have a calm, informal, and laid-back style; your comfort is paramount. It takes courage to seek out a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. I am here to support and empower you on that journey.

  • Maysa Mohmoud

    I believe that who we are and how we are perceived by society can greatly impact our lives. My passions lie in providing equitable and comprehensive therapeutic services to individuals who have been marginalized by society. Therapy should be a safe space to explore who you are and thrive, and I aim to create a safe space for this.

    I have extensive training and experience working with individuals who struggle with substance use disorders, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. I utilize a holistic approach in addressing maladaptive behaviors, tackling dysfunctional thinking, and exploring healthier coping skills.

    My goal as a clinician is addressing sources of distress by drawing from social justice values, cultural values and understanding each person's unique situation and identifying possible solutions.

    I am willing to 'just listen' if that is what you need the most! You are the expert in your life, and I am here to empower and assist you in the process of thriving into your best self.

  • Bianca Dorante

    Welcome! I look forward to meeting with you!

    The decision to come to therapy can be a challenging one to make. Talking about the things closest to your heart and mind can be one of the most difficult things to do in life and that takes incredible strength.

    My goal is to always provide everyone with a safe space to speak freely and feel heard. My work is engulfed in helping others to explore and discover their life without limits, ultimately to identify their inner strength and bloom into being their authentic self. Everyone has their own experiences and as your therapist, my role is to follow your lead and provide you with the tools you feel would best assist you. There is no one secret to therapy! 

    I utilize a strengths-based person-centered approach to meet each individual at their own level. You are the master of your own life, and no one knows you better than you do! Help me, help you! I have experience in working with a variety of individuals such as adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families. Change can be hard and I’m here to help you navigate the adjustments. Let’s work together to find your definition of what it means to truly be you and live in your purpose!

  • Mairi Graham-Shaw

    Hello, I'm Mairi Graham-Shaw, and I'm passionate about guiding individuals on their journey towards mental wellness and personal growth. I specialize in mindfulness-based approaches and integrate strengths-based perspectives, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing into my practice.

    My therapeutic philosophy revolves around empowering clients to take control of their narratives and harness their strengths. I believe that each person possesses unique strengths and capabilities that can be instrumental in their healing process. By emphasizing clients' agency and the richness of their stories, I aim to create a therapeutic environment where individuals feel empowered and validated.

    Mindfulness serves as a cornerstone of my practice, helping clients cultivate present-moment awareness and develop skills for managing difficult emotions and thoughts. I incorporate evidence-based techniques tailored to each client's unique needs, fostering resilience and promoting holistic well-being. I am honored to walk alongside my clients as they navigate life's challenges and uncover the resilience and wisdom within themselves.

    If you're seeking support on your journey towards mental wellness, I invite you to reach out. Together, we can work towards creating positive change and fostering a deeper sense of empowerment and purpose in your life.

  • Caitlyn Bouchard
    Billing Specialist


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We offer virtual psychotherapy outpatient services to individuals, couples and families presenting with a wide variety of needs. Our mission is to meet individuals wherever they are in their lives and help them to get to the place they want to be. This is done by firstly helping individuals to identify goals that they have set for themselves, then through the use of therapeutic modalities such as CBT, DBT and Trauma informed approaches, the gains are made.